Sheet Metal Fabrication

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 Sheet Metal Shop Processes and Capacities


Sheet Metal Fabrication   Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Iowa Precision "Pro-Duct" five station coil line.  Capacities of 26 gauge thru 18 guage metal.  Capable of forming L shape, U shape, Full wrap and four piece ductwork.  Also has the capability of shearing 16 gauge metals.
  • Two full service "Vicon" plasma tables with capacities of 26 gauge thru 1/2 plate steel.
  • "SunRise" iron worker machine.  This machine will bend, shear and punch up to 3/4" thick steel plate.  This machine also shears up to 6" x 6" angle iron.
  • 175 Ton hydraulic press brake with the capability of bending 1/4" steel at 10 feet long.
  • 10 gauge plate roller.
  • 10 guage hydraulic shear.
  • "Engle" 18 gauge TDF duct flange roll former.
  • 4 foot magnetic pan brake.
  • 10 foot "TennSmith" hand brake.
  • Various roll former machines with a capacity of 26 gauge thru 16 gauge metals.
  • "Empire" rotary machine for beading, crimping and flange forming on round pipe.
  • DuroDyne pins potter machine for all types of duct liner.  Also DuroDyne hand held pin spotter.
  • Beading machine for fitting reinforcement.
  • Fully equipped welding booth.  Tig, mig and stick weld aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, black iron and plate steel.
  • "SurLok" button punch machine for fastening all types of metals.
  • "TennSmith" 4 foot pan brake.
  • Various hand edger's and seamers.
  • Hand held electric seam closers.
  • Iowa Precision seam closer. 16 gauge capacity.
  • Iowa Precision double end cornermatic machine.
  • "Engle" pneumatic cleat bender.
  • 36 inch hand roller.


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