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Midlands Mechanical Apprenticeship Coalition

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Through an innovative partnership, we have developed a non-profit, sustainable, employer-based apprentice training program designed to educate and train students in various trades programs within the mechanical industry, such as welding, sheet metal, and plumbing. This program, which is offered at no cost to the student, is designed to provide our youth an opportunity to learn highly marketable skills. In effect, students are learning through a combination of classroom instruction and supervised on the job training, all while earning their own income.

Utilizing collaborative efforts, we have developed a certified program to provide the youth within our communities with an invaluable opportunity at a successful career while meeting our own growing demand for qualified skilled labor.  We have worked with several school districts, technical programs, and technical colleges to effectively recruit, increase awareness, and encourage growth of the mechanical trade programs. Our program is fully funded through private funding from participating companies, donations, and fundraising events.


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